Not A Life

by Glossy Coat

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Tearing up a gap in the fence to break
Into a new back alley where the money is fake
Sunshine boy made to go it alone
He nearly killed two birds with a fistful of stones
The rat trap snaps if you stand there for too long
So jump back Frank or you’ll be crooning your last song
We’ll never be sure what to do unless we do it
And we’ll never be poor if we remember baby

This is not a life
It’s just a party
I’m a whole lot of nothing
Baby tell me who you want me to be
This is not a life
It's just a party
I’m a hard working slacker baby
What more do you want from me?

Strange girl standing in the corner enraged
Because the bouncer never asked her for proof of her age
But they’ve never been all that particular
If you've got tits and an arse that's perpendicular
Listen up toots, this isn’t San Francisco Bay
Despite the beach, steep hills, burnouts and gays
You’re on a three year trip so tell me seriously
Why are you acting so mysteriously?


released October 31, 2013
Written by Alexander Camp
Performed by Glossy Coat; Tom Beck, Alexander Camp & Toby Lawrence
Produced and mixed by Rob Flynn
Mastered by Ed Woods Mastering



all rights reserved


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